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Acid and alkali etching fluid regenerative cycle use and copper recovery system
Acid and alkali etching fluid regenerative cycle use and copper recovery system This technology utilizes an item of special equipment, the copper separates the etching fluid in, causes copper content greatly to reduce after, like this, in the etching waste liquid copper content reduces, may return after the adjustment to eclipse on the sales commission, but separates the copper may pass through the special way production to contain 99.95% copper plates After this technical processing etching waste liquid, enable the waste etching fluid to pass through the regeneration, returns to produce the sales commission, such enterprise no longer purchases eclipses the fluid, realization pollutant zero discharges, simultaneously obtains the high-purity copper plate Using this technology, while reduces the waste liquid processing cost, simultaneously increased the considerable economic efficiency Surveys after the actual movement, a 20,000 square prints boards medium enterprise, after this technical processing, may only the type benefit 230-250 ten thousand Yuan, cause the enterprise every year to realize the good economic efficiency and the ecology benefit This company according to the different enterprise to produce can the situation Potential leaves the different model the handling equipment, it produces can and the benefit (table), this company has the stronger technical research and development ability, may act according to the customer etching fluid process load, the research and development corresponding handling ability model equipment, satisfies differently produces can enterprise's need